The hamlet located 1 000 meters above see level is part of the municipality of Treschenu-Creyers.

None of the vilages belonging to Treschnu- Creyers is named like that as it is the result of a merger beteween municipalities and has been created by prefectural on May 4th 1972. Actualy, Treschenu-Creyers is the name of a ruined village that has been deserted by its inhabitants over a long time. The ruins can be visited using an easy path when hiking.

Accessible by the CD 120
2h30 from Lyon via Valence
1h30 from Valence via Die
1 hour south of Grenoble via the Col de Menée


Address: Benevise, 26410 Treschenu-Creyers, France
GPS: 44.731091 - 5.540757



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